KPI Management

Act on Critical
Performance Data

Dploy Solutions KPI Management is software for visualizing operational business performance data and empowering people to effectively act on it to drive your business forward. KPI Management focuses your entire team on the metrics that matter. You get complete visibility into critical KPIs with real-time data delivered when and where you need it. Where performance falls short, data is linked to action plans for improvement. You can see what’s happening, your team can solve issues promptly, and executives
can monitor progress against strategic goals.




Data Visualization
See at a glance where your business stands on its most important metrics.Track operational performance against goals and drill down into single functions, units, or locations.


Problem Solving
Analyze root causes of performance problems and understand reasons for misses. Create action plans for removing roadblocks and getting back on track.

Reporting & Analytics
Run analytics and create custom reports to better understand KPI status, guide business review meetings, and keep executives up to date.

24/7 Access
Work anywhere, any time with up-to-the-minute performance data delivered on your smartphone or tablet.

Turn Insights Into Actions.
Ready for breakthrough performance?
Learn more about Dploy Solutions. Better yet, let us show you exactly how it can work in your business.

Connect your KPIs to your strategic vision and your business initiatives

Strategy Deployment
Translate breakthrough objectives into annual goals and action plans. Cascade those plans to every level of the organization, giving everyone a clear path to achieve your vision.

KPI Management
Connect breakthrough objectives and continuous improvement projects to the metrics that matterand empower your team to
take action and keep those
metrics on track.

Project Management
Align continuous improvement projects to your organization's strategic goals and critical KPIs. Effectively manage the projects that drive breakthrough performance.

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Dploy Solutions KPI Management is part of a suite of business process management software designed to drive and sustain breakthrough performance. By connecting daily action to strategic financial goals and big picture initiatives, Dploy Solutions turns insight into actions to help you achieve results faster.

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